Requesting a course site

Why is my course not available when I log into Empower?

  1. Log into Empower and select "Modify a previously requested course site" to verify that it has not already been requested.

  2. Empower uses data from your insitution's student information system. If in the student information system you have not been designated as the primary instructor or instructor of record for the course, then the course will not be available for you to request. Check with your department and verify that you have been desiginated correctly in the student information system.


I've been added to the course as the instructor of record, why am I not able to create a course site?

Data is not passed in real time between the student information system and Empower. Wait a few hours and try to request again.


Class list

Why are there no students on the classlist?

Students are not enrolled into the course site immediately after you request the site. Student enrollment occurs a few hours after you request the course site.


Why are students missing from the class list in my course site?

  1. These students may be enrolled in a section that has not been added to your course site. Return to Empower and add any missing sections. Instructions: Add a section to a course site

  2. Students may have recently enrolled in the course in the student informtion system and the enrollment has not yet been processed by Empower and added to your course site. Check again in a few hours.


Editing a course site

My course site is missing a section, what do I do?

The missing section was not included in the intitial course request. Log into Empower and add the missing section to the course site. Instructions: Add a section to a course site